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Friday, May 6, 2011

Love is Metaphysical Gravity

Buckminster Fuller,
From Critical Path:

          Since 1927, whenever I am going to sleep, I always concentrate my thinking on what I call "Ever Rethinking the Lord's Prayer." The Lord's Prayer had obviously been evolved by a plurality of deeply earnest and thoughtful individuals whose names we will never know. My latest rethinking of it follows.
          I am confident, contrary to the Russian assumption that science invalidated all possibilities of the existence of God, that, as specifically argued, my following declaration constitutes a scientifically meticulous, direct-experience-based proof of God.

                    July 12, 1979

                    To be satisfactory to science
                    all definitions
                    must be stated
                    in terms of experience.

                    I define Universe as
                    all of humanity's
                    consciously apprehended
                    and communicated (to self or others)

                    In using the word, God,
                    I am consciously employing
                    four clearly differentiated
                    from one another
                    experience-engendered thoughts.

                    Firstly I mean:--
                         those experience-engendered thoughts
                         which are predicated upon past successions
                         of unexpected, human discoveries
                         of mathematically incisive,
                         physically demonstrable answers
                         to what theretofore had been misassumed
                         to be forever unanswerable
                         cosmic magnitude questions
                         wheretofore I now assume it to be
                         scientifically manifest,
                         and therefore experientially reasonable that

                         scientifically explainable answers
                         may and probably will
                         eventually be given
                         to all questions
                         as engendered in all human thoughts
                         by the sum total
                         of all human experiences;
                         wherefore my first meaning for God is:--

                         all the experientially explained
                         or explainable answers
                         to all questions
                         of all time--

                    Secondly I mean:--
                         The individual's memory
                         of many surprising moments
                         of dawning comprehensions
                         of an interrelated significance
                         to be existent
                         amongst a number
                         of what had previously seemed to be
                         entirely uninterrelated experiences
                         all of which remembered experiences
                         engender the reasonable assumption
                         of the possible existence
                         of a total comprehension
                         of the integrated significance--
                         the meaning--
                         of all experiences.

                    Thirdly, I mean:--
                         the only intellectually discoverable
                         a priori, intellectual integrity
                         indisputably manifest as
                         the only mathematically statable
                         of generalized principles--
                         cosmic laws--
                         thus far discovered and codified
                         and ever physically redemonstrable
                         by scientists
                         to be not only unfailingly operative
                         but to be in eternal
                         omni-interaccomodative governance
                         of the complex
                         of everyday, naked-eye experiences
                         as well as of the multi-millions-fold greater range
                         of only instrumentally explored
                         infra- and ultra-tunable
                         micro- and macro-Universe events.

                    Fourthly, I mean:--
                         All the mystery inherent
                         in all human experience,
                         which, as a lifetime ratioed to eternity,
                         is individually limited
                         to almost negligible
                         twixt sleepings, glimpses
                         of only a few local episodes
                         of one of the infinite myriads
                         of concurrently and overlappingly operative
                         sum-totally never-ending
                         cosmic scenario serials.

                    With these four meanings I now directly
                    address God.
                         "Our God--
                         Since omni-experience is your identity
                         You have given us
                         overwhelmingly manifest:--
                         of Your complete knowledge
                         of Your complete comprehension
                         of Your complete concern
                         of Your complete coordination
                         of Your complete responsibility
                         of Your complete capability to cope
                         in absolute wisdom and effectiveness
                         with all problems and events
                         and of Your eternally unfailing reliability
                         so to do

                         Yours, Dear God,
                         is the only and complete glory.

                         By Glory I mean
                         the synergetic totality
                         of all physical and metaphysical radiation
                         and of all physical and metaphysical gravity
                         of finite
                         but nonunitarily conceptual
                         scenario Universe
                         in whose synergetic totality
                         the a priori energy potentials
                         of both radiation and gravity
                         are initially equal
                         but whose respective
                         behavioral patterns are such
                         that radiation's entropic, redundant disintegratings
                         is always less effective
                         than gravity's nonredundant
                         syntropic integrating.

                         Radiation is plural and differentiable,
                         radiation is focusable, beamable, and self-sinusing,
                         is interceptible, separatist, and biasable--
                         ergo, has shadowed voids and vulnerabilities;

                         Gravity is unit and undifferentiable
                         Gravity is comprehensive
                         inclusively embracing and permeative
                         is non-focusable and shadowless,
                         and is omni-integrative;
                         all of which characteristics of gravity
                         are also the characteristics of love.
                         Love is metaphysical gravity.

                         You, Dear God,
                         are the totally loving intellect
                         ever designing
                         and ever daring to test
                         and thereby irrefutably proving
                         to the uncompromising satisfaction
                         of Your own comprehensive and incisive
                         knowledge of the absolute truth
                         that Your generalized principles
                         adequately accommodate any and all
                         special case developments,
                         involvements, and side effects;
                         wherefore Your absolutely courageous
                         omnirigorous and ruthless self-testing
                         alone can and does absolutely guarantee
                         total conservation
                         of the integrity
                         of eternally regenerative Universe.

                         Your eternally regenerative scenario Universe
                         is the minimum complex
                         of totally intercomplementary
                         totally intertransforming
                         nonsimultaneous, differently frequenced
                         and differently enduring
                         feedback closures
                         of a finite
                         but nonunitarily
                         nonsimultaneously conceptual system
                         in which naught is created
                         and naught is lost
                         and all occurs
                         in optimum efficiency.

                         Total accountability and total feedback
                         constitute the minimum and only
                         perpetual motion system.
                         Universe is the one and only
                         eternally regenerative system.

                         To accomplish Your regenerative integrity
                         You give Yourself the responsibility
                         of eternal, absolutely continuous,
                         tirelessly vigilant wisdom.

                         Wherefore we have absolute faith and trust in You,
                         and we worship You

Thursday, April 28, 2011

R. Buckminster Fuller

Friday, February 4, 2011

Old Blue

This Byrds song from the album Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde, released after the seminal country-rock progenitor Sweetheart of the Rodeo, is a psychedelic rock-tinged country song that jubilantly celebrates the life and death of (presumably Roger McGuinn's) old dog, "Blue".

My childhood dog, a basset hound named Opie, died this year. He was very old, and in a lot of pain.

I've been listening to this on repeat for an hour. Not only is it simply a great song, but in this video you can see why Roger McGuinn has been called a workaholic by various other musicians. (That means he's addicted to workohol). Look at his eyes when he's singing harmony around minute 1:20--he's completely locked in, and he looks so happy.

"Well, I had an old dog and his name was Blue
Yes, I had an old dog and his name was Blue
Well, I had an old dog and his name was Blue
Bet ya five dollars he's a good dog too

Old Blue chased a possum up a holler limb
Blue chased a possum up a holler limb
Blue chased a possum up a holler limb
The possum growled, Blue whined at him

Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you
Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you

When old Blue died, he died so hard
He shook the ground in my back yard
We lowered him down with a golden chain
And every link we called his name

Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you
Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you

My old Blue was a good old hound
You could hear him hollering miles around
When I get to Heaven first thing I'll do
Is grab my horn and call for Blue

Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you
Bye bye, Blue
You good dog, you"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedal Steel

Friday, January 7, 2011

Charles Olson - Mayan Letters

Mayan letters; (Cape editions, 17)Mayan letters; by Charles Olson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic little volume. What an amazing undertaking--to try to wed correspondence, poetry, history and archaeology in one push! What stands out for me (as in The Maximus Poems) are Olson's gestations on the idea (his words) of "destroying historical time", and how he sees the successes and failures of that charge in Pound's Cantos and WC Williams' Paterson. It comes as no surprise that Olson cites the assertion of Pound's ego in The Cantos as being crucial to its success: "...of the Cantos, viz, a space-field where, by inversion, though the material is all time material, he has driven through it so sharply by the beak of his ego, that, he has turned time into what we must now have, space & its live air..." He goes on to draw the distinction in the operations of Williams' Paterson thus: "the primary contrast, for our purposes is, BILL: his Pat is exact opposite of Ez's, that is, Bill HAS an emotional system which is capable of extensions & comprehensions the ego-system (the Old Deal, Ez as Cento Man, here dates) is not. Yet by making his substance historical of one city (the Joyce deal), Bill completely licks himself, lets time roll him under as Ez does not..."

Fun, as always, to wade through Olson's prose, stuttering as it may sometimes, be, with all those, commas. What is with that? In his poetry he uses it to his advantage, as the diligent pausing, retreating, retreading, and reforging of a probing intellect, but in his prose it can just be laborious. Doesn't stop me from giving it five stars, though!

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